Sponsorship and charity

Sponsorship and charity are a part of Sberbank Group’s corporate culture and a traditional contribution to social life. The causes of charity activities and volumes of charity expenses are determined by special committees that were created at different levels of governance, both in Sberbank and in other Group members.

Support for children and child care institutions

Sberbank has traditionally provided charity support for orphanage children financing repairs, medical equipment, accommodation equipment, and educational events. In 2013, we continued implementing two major initiatives in this sphere.

From Heart to Heart, a corporate charity programme designed to support orphanage children that was launched in 2008. In 2013, the programme covered 268 child care centres in 120 Russian cities, with nearly 3,000 employees and executives from the bank participating in various events. In particular, Severo-Zapadny bank held the 3rd forum of volunteers on the premises of the Tolmachevsky Orphanage in Leningrad Region. As part of the forum, corporate volunteers completed over 40 training courses in the skills of communication with orphan children and improved the area of the orphanage. The bank also donated a van to the orphanage.

Cooperation with the Podari Zhizn’ (Gift of Life) Charitable Foundation for childhood cancer support. In 2013, Sberbank was an Official Partner for the International Children’s Games of Winners, the largest contest for children who are fighting oncological diseases. More than 400 children from 12 countries participated in the Games. We set up a play zone with a special colouring wall, and ski and scooter racing. In addition, the bank continued issuing the Podari Zhizn’ Visa card. In 2013, this initiative brought over RUB 28.9 mn of donations to the Fund; total donations since the launch of the project reached RUB 170 mn. In addition, as part of the Say THANK YOU to Children campaign, our clients transferred bonuses of the Thank You from Sberbank loyalty programme to the Fund’s account, worth the total of RUB 24.5 mn.

Table 15. Principal results of support programmes for children and child care institutions in the Group’s areas of operation in 2013





Happy Childhood


The bank financed the acquisition of vouchers to summer recreation camps for children from 26 orphanages. In addition, in 2013 nearly 1,000 employees from Sberbank Ukraine responded with New Year wishes to 1,700 children from 22 orphanages

New Year presents for children




Our employees prepared New Year presents for orphanage children as well as Christmas presents for children in hospitals

Do the Good

Republic of Belarus

Our employees collected cash for puppet shows, special educational games, medication, sports goods, children’s toys and books for the children from special school No. 7.

Hurrah! I go to school!


The bank’s employees presented school kits to 1,100 children from orphanages and needy families.

Support for XXII Winter Olympic games 2014 in Sochi

Since 2009 Sberbank has been a general partner for the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi and implemented a number of initiatives aimed at developing infrastructure and promoting the Games.

Infrastructure development Sberbank made a considerable financial contribution in preparing formal infrastructure for the Sochi Olympic Games. We were directly involved in the construction of the Russian Villages spring-board facility, Highland Media Village, and Highland Ancillary Media Centre. In 2013 we were also actively involved in preparing banking and payment infrastructure for receiving Games guests and participants: we reformatted all our offices in Sochi and considerably expanded the network of ATMs and payment terminals.

Games promotion and popularisation. In 2013, Sberbank continued providing support for the Red Rocks musical festival, a part of the Sochi-2014 Culture Olympiad. In 2012-2013, the Red Rock festival covered the total of 37 Russian cities. During the project the main musical composition of Olympic Games in Sochi — the Anthem of fans will be created. We also developed special Olympic-branded products, including a number of Olympic Sberbank Visa cards: 50% of the annual fee for the Russian Olympic Team card and 0.3% of all card purchases are donated to the Russian Olympic Committee. Sberbank also continued implementing the Sochi-2014 coin programme: in 2013, 40 types of commemorative coins and 6 types of investment coins made from gold and silver were available from Sberbank offices.

Support for sports and healthy lifestyle

Group members actively support children and youth sports schools and sports competitions, and provide traditional sponsorship assistance to national sports federations and associations in the countries of operation, including the federations and associations of basketball, football, rowing, tennis, skiing in Russia, the Republic of Belarus, Slovenia, and others. Sberbank Insurance supported the Parafest paralympic festival, which gathered paralympic sportsmen from 11 Russian regions and the Back to Life award ceremony of the Paralympic Committee.

The Green Marathon project is described in detail in section Promoting environmental protection.

Support of education and educational establishments

We continue to provide financial aid to scientific and educational institutions aimed at holding educational and scientific conferences and competitions, organising research and training activity, and allocate considerable resources for grants to best students.

Among the most important events in 2013 we note:

  • The Virtual School project designed to develop IT infrastructure at Russian educational institutions. In 2013, we opened “virtual schools” in Veliky Novgorod, Vladimir, Ulan-Ude, Magadan, Minsk, and Orsha;

  • The Banks Battle international student competition in banking management held in conjunction with the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy. Following the competition, some of the winners were employed by Sberbank;

  • The 14th April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development. In 2013, Sberbank was a general partner for the Conference, which gathered together world-class economists.

Table 16. Support for education and educational institutions in the countries of operation




OOO IC Sberbank Insurance

HSE Alumni Awards 2013, annual award from the HSE Graduate Association


The Dobry Start programme (educational grants for students and applicants from needy families, orphanages and boarding schools)


500,000 books for 5,000 communities

The Forex Student Competition (in cooperation with Istanbul Technical University)

Culture and Arts Support

Sberbank has traditionally supported leading Russian theatres and is a 14-year partner for the Golden Mask Russian Performing Arts Festival and National Theatre Award. Since 2011 Sberbank has been a general partner for off-site performances by the Obraztsov Puppet Theatre including visits to Russian cities where the Theatre invites orphanage children to its performances. The bank also supports the Andrey Tarkovsky International Film Festival Mirror.

Our subsidiary banks and affiliated companies participate in landmark events of culture and art including the organisation of symphony concerts and culture festivals. In 2013, Sberbank Ukraine organised the Sberbank Debut international festival and competition which gathered 15 young piano talents from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Canada, Australia, Uzbekistan, and Switzerland.

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