Occupational health and safety

The Group’s approach to occupational health and safety

In 2013, to minimise the risk of occupational diseases and create comfortable workplace conditions, Group members carried out a number of training courses in occupational health, acquired medical equipment, first aid kits, and personal protective equipment.

This made it possible to reduce the number of accidents at Sberbank from 240 to 223 in 2013, which unfortunately included two fatalities resulting from road traffic accidents. To avoid this kind of accidents in future, we carried out additional training and toughened the requirements for drivers of bank’s vehicles.

In 2014, we expect to introduce common occupational health procedures in the Central Head Office and in regional banks. To monitor the state of occupational health at regional banks, we will hold regular video conferences in 2014.

Health care and healthy life style

We always take a proactive position in health care and promoting healthy life style among our employees.

In 2013, as part of the Health programme Sberbank continued the Quitting Together! initiative designed to promote the cessation of smoking. The initiative obtained the first award in the Life Style category from the Intercomm, an all-Russia annual award in the field of internal corporate communications.

In 2013, as part of the Office Doctor programme, over 12,000 employees of the Central Head Office and regional banks participated in the Healthy Heart Day, which launched a long-term effort aimed at having Sberbank employees measure cholesterol and blood pressure. Now, all doctor offices are equipped with the means of express measuring of cholesterol and glucose. The Office Doctor programme is also implemented by our subsidiary banks, in particular Sberbank Europe, DenizBank, and Cetelem Bank.

In addition, every year we organise sports events for the bank’s employees. In 2013, we held Sberbankiad and tournaments in various team sports, which gathered employees from 12 countries of the Group operations.

We also focus on promoting healthy diet. In 2013, as part of the Healthy Diet programme, we carried out both technological initiatives (menu and cooking technology review in corporate canteens) and awareness projects (master classes in healthy diet, the introduction of calorie labels, and the publication of a healthy diet booklet).

Our subsidiary banks and affiliated companies also implement certain initiatives aimed at promoting a healthy life style among their employees. In 2012, based on Sberbank’s successful practices, Sberbank Europe developed the Health@Work programme which includes sports events, compensation for fitness-club membership, smoking cessation initiatives, health support advice, and healthy diet.

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Occupational health and safety


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