Motivation and compensation of employees

In 2013, we continued developing the system of financial and non-financial incentives. We raised employee salaries in certain divisions of regional banks which were below the market level. In total, in 2013 payroll expenses rose 6.5% year-on-year. Further improvement of the performance management system (PMS) and employee engagement and satisfaction was also among our primary objectives.

Employee performance assessment

In 2013, Sberbank continued integrating employee performance assessment with the performance management system (PMS) that covers all employees of the Group. PMS is a comprehensive target-based management system that allows for unbiased assessment of employee performance and ensuring interconnection between employee performance, career growth and financial reward.

Key corporate competencies at Sberbank Group:

  • Individual performance

  • Improving professional knowledge

  • Innovation/optimisation of operating processes

  • Team work

  • Client focus in respect of both external and internal clients

Sberbank as well as certain subsidiaries including BPS-Sberbank, Sberbank Ukraine, Sberbank Leasing, Sberbank Insurance, and Business Environment use the “5+” system of employee assessment based on key corporate competencies. In 2013, 92.5% of Group employees passed the performance assessment and career growth process.

Details about improving the “5+” system are provided in section Stakeholder engagement (the Primary Areas of Employee Concern in 2013 table).

Table 13 Performance assessment tools at Group subsidiary banks and affiliated companies


Additional performance assessment tools

Group subsidiary banks and affiliated companies

Talent Q remote testing system

  • Sberbank Ukraine

  • Sberbank Private Pension Fund

PersonalAktiv remote testing system

  • Sberbank Ukraine

Diagnostic research of significant professional qualities and competencies in various employee categories

  • Sberbank Europe

  • Sberbank Ukraine

  • Sberbank Technologies

360º assessment

  • Sberbank Ukraine

Competence assessment at manager’s request

  • KORUS Consulting

Self-assessment of manager priority projects (MPP)

  • BPS-Sberbank

  • Sberbank Private Pension Fund

  • Sberbank Insurance

Performance Development Programme

  • DenizBank

Improving employee engagement and satisfaction

In 2013, we conducted the fourth annual survey of Sberbank employee engagement and satisfaction, which covered over 124,000 people. Over the last three years, the employee engagement index demonstrated a considerable growth of 1.1 point.

Fig. 7. Sberbank’s employee engagement index

The most important factors that positively affected employee engagement were satisfaction with the bank’s top management, organisation of operating processes, and the system of compensation and reward.

Based on the index, we set up individual targets for all top managers for further improvement of employee engagement. Now we develop special programmes to upgrade the processes that employees are most concerned about.

Internal Client Voice research

Since 2012, Sberbank has conducted regular online employee polls as part of the Internal Client Voice programme designed to identify problem areas in internal processes and services.

In 2013, we conducted two polls — in April and November. Based on poll results, we launched nearly 200 projects aimed to improve the quality of internal services in the Central Head Office and regional banks, which made it possible to achieve considerable success, in particular:

  • The issuance of income certificates and other documents was considerably simplified at the Central Head Office;

  • A range of training courses was held covering most common difficulties in operating the Electronic Document Circulation System (EDCS);

  • The function of automatic notice of the document approval status via MS Outlook was realised in EDCS;

  • Business trip procedures were changed.

In 2014, the poll will be expanded to include many other internal services. In addition, in the first half of 2014 we plan to launch over 800 initiatives designed to improve the quality of internal services. To control the quality of implementing the initiatives, they will be monitored on a regular basis.

In 2013, most of the Group’s subsidiary banks and affiliated companies conducted their own employee satisfaction research.

Table 14. Employee satisfaction research at subsidiary banks and affiliated companies in 2013



Format and number of participants

Principal results

Sberbank Europe

Employee satisfaction monitoring 2013: 83% employees

  • Projects designed to improve internal communication, performance assessment, and knowledge exchange is developed


Individual interviews: 51% employees

  • Career growth management system is amended

  • Lunch vouchers are introduced

  • Carrier contractor is changed

Sberbank Private Pension Fund

Satisfaction research: All employees

  • Employee engagement index reached 76%

  • Development of internal corporate portal is underway

  • The option to use special software application to approve documents is considered

  • Regular employee meetings with the Fund President are arranged

Sberbank Insurance

Poll of employee satisfaction with the quality of internal services carried out every quarter: all employees

  • New premises were leased to remove the lack of work places

Sberbank Technologies

Employee engagement and satisfaction research: 41% employees

  • Corporate celebrations and team-building events were held

  • Special measures were taken to improve workplace conditions and usability

  • SBT-Vision corporate publication and announcement boards were launched, internal portal was upgraded

Sberbank Leasing

Corporate culture research: all employees

  • Work satisfaction indicator reached 74%

KORUS Consulting

Evaluation of psychic atmosphere and the level of employee satisfaction with workplace conditions: all employees

  • Free English and Spanish courses were arranged

  • Relaxation room and additional kitchen were set up

Cetelem Bank

The Employee Voice pilot project

  • In January 2014, the bank will launch a new system of motivation

  • Training programmes were updated

  • A Welcome Day is held every week

  • Feedback improved following the introduction of the Comment Box which employees can use to communicate their concerns


Anonymous poll: 46% employees

  • Employee job satisfaction and team motivation demonstrated positive trends

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