Corporate benefits

In 2013 we continued implementing a number of initiatives designed to improve and develop the system of corporate benefits. In particular, we developed and introduced compensation rates for business trips for all employees of the bank, and for business mobile communication for the Central Head Office. The unification of corporate benefits for all bank employees was among our key tasks in 2013.

Corporate Pension Plan

Sberbank continued implementing its Corporate Pension Plan. The number of Plan members grows from year to year: in 2013 it exceeded 185,000 employees, up 5.7% compared to the previous year.

Subsidiary banks have their own pension programmes. Sberbank Europe, for example, implements the Employer Contributions to the Specialised Pension Fund programme. For the employees with over one-year employment with the company, the bank contributes 3.5% of basic salary to the Pension Fund. BPS-Sberbank pays monthly allowances to the retired pensioners that used to work for the bank.

Comprehensive medical check-ups

In 2013, we completed the two-year cycle of comprehensive medical check-ups of Sberbank employees. The main goal was not only to diagnose current diseases, but also to assess the risk of their development to be able to take timely, preventive measures. Every employee that passed the medical check-up was issued a Health Passport with recommendations regarding healthy life style.

In 2013, medical check-ups were completed by the employees of Sberbank Leasing, Sberbank Technologies, and Sberbank Insurance.

Details of our initiatives in employee health and safety are provided in section Occupational health and safety.

Voluntary medical insurance

In 2013, we decided that starting from 2014 VMI programmes would be 100% paid by the bank. Therefore, the share of the insured employees will rise to 100% from 24-28% in 2012-2013.

In July 2013, we carried out a VMI satisfaction research among our employees that led to significant changes in the programme, based on employee comments. Starting from 2014, the bank will pay 100% medical insurance costs (except dental services) for the personnel with over one-year employment with Sberbank compared to the 50% of the basic programme that the bank paid before. In respect of the employees that passed their probation period, but are still below the one-year employment threshold, the bank will pay for the emergency medical care programme. The employees that work and reside in the territories where quality VMI services are unavailable were offered the programme of compensation for medical care costs.

Accident and critical illness insurance

In 2013, all Sberbank employees were provided with accident and critical illness insurance. While improving the system of accident and critical illness insurance, we achieved a considerable reduction in employee complaints regarding the insurance services. We introduced the remote insured event settlement via the insurer’s web-site and optimised the list of documents required to make a decision on every insured event, which enabled us to reduce considerably the period of handling insurance claims.

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