Raising resource and energy efficiency

Reducing paper consumption

In 2013, Sberbank and a number of subsidiary banks and affiliated companies completed the introduction of the electronic document circulation system. Over the year the number of system users rose 25% to 100,000 subscribers. The system made it possible to save about 40 tonnes of office paper, which is equivalent to a hectare of live wood.

In 2013, DenizBank implemented the initiative aimed at a drastic reduction in the use of paper for office routine. In particular, all printers at the bank’s outlets are set for two-sided printing by default, and employees are prohibited to photocopy documents. Now, at all meetings and conferences DenizBank employees use tablets or laptops, instead of printed materials. In addition, in 2013 we completed the transition to a digital archive.

Sberbank Insurance introduced a centralised management system for document printing and scanning. Replacement of paper-based documents by digital ones in the transmission, processing and safekeeping business documentation resulted in a considerable reduction in paper consumption. Now, every employee is able to count in his/her dashboard how many trees he/she has saved.

Cetelem Bank supports the ISO 14000 environmental management standard which requires to use industrial shredding machines to dispose of paper waste, which is then recycled. This initiative resulted in 4.3 tonnes of processed paper waste, which is equivalent to 74 saved trees. Paper recycling also made it possible to save 129,000 litres of fresh water and 8,600 kW of electric power.

Separate waste collection

BPS-Sberbank and Sberbank Europe have introduced a separate waste collection system. At BPS-Sberbank, following the introduction of separate collection of PET packings, the non-recyclable plastic waste was reduced by 90%. Sberbank Croatia participated in the national programme of electronic waste collection and recycling which made it possible to prevent toxic substances from penetrating to the soil.

Lighting systems

In 2013, Sberbank Europe, Sberbank Ukraine, and DenizBank replaced energy-consuming neon elements on ads and pointers at their offices with LED lamps which resulted in substantially higher light output at lower energy consumption.

In the course of scheduled maintenance, Sberbank, BPS-Sberbank, and Sberbank Technologies installed LED lights in their offices, which have lower power consumption and longer service life. This made it possible to reduce lamp replacement costs and release additional power capacity. For example, Sberbank’s Central Head Office achieved 98,287 kWh of annual power savings.

Air conditioning systems

Air conditioning and heating take a substantial share of electric and heat power consumption. Therefore, we seek to introduce energy efficient technologies in this sphere. For example, in the course of the scheduled maintenance, Sberbank Technologies used an innovative technical solution — air recovery, balanced ventilation system, which produces higher micro-climate quality and reduces power consumption. In addition, BPS-Sberbank installed individual temperature control devices, which resulted in 482 Gcal of annual reduction in the heat power consumption.

Requirements for office equipment

At DenizBank and Sberbank Europe, office and IT equipment procurement is based on certain energy-efficiency specifications. In particular, all electronic devices purchased for DenizBank must comply with the A+ energy efficiency class, and air conditioners must be equipped with inverter. At Sberbank Europe, the procurement of computers, servers and other IT equipment is based on higher energy-efficiency requirements. These measures make it possible to achieve the highest efficiency of every energy unit and higher machine capacity.

Energy certification

Sberbank Europe conducted energy certification of its offices in Croatia. The energy certificate contains a description of energy consumption by heating, ventilation, and hot water supply. In addition, energy certificate makes it possible to calculate greenhouse gas emissions by buildings.

The new building of Sberbank’s main cash centre obtained the first prize from Hi-Tech Building Awards

In 2013, we commissioned new buildings of Volgo-Vyatsky bank’s Client Transaction Centre in Volgograd and Sberbank’s Main Cash Centre in Moscow that incorporated innovative energy saving technologies. The Main Cash Centre building obtained the first prize in the Best Comprehensive Automation Solution for Commercial Property category. State-of-the-art engineering solutions in energy-efficiency were used in construction of the buildings including low-emissivity glass, atmospheric cooling air condition systems, air recovery ventilation systems, and LED lighting systems.

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