Financing alternative and renewable energy sources and the initiatives to raise energy efficiency

Sberbank seeks new opportunities to develop business in the field of energy efficiency and implementation of alternative energy sources. A step along this way was the pilot project implemented on the premises of our affiliated company. The project included the development and application of the “smart heat supply networks” technology based on automatic tuning of heat-generating facilities to current consumer demand. The technology was implemented in hot water supply system of ten heat distribution stations in Moscow. In total the project covered 39 apartment buildings that are connected to those distribution stations. The project proved that the smart heat supply networks technology used on this set of facilities brings about 800 Gcal of monthly energy savings.

In 2013, Sberbank Ukraine financed the construction of solar electric plants and a wind farm in Nikolayev, Kherson, and Odessa Regions, with the total installed capacity of 96.8 MW, worth EUR 167 mn (RUB 7 bn).

DenizBank participated in the TurSEFF national programme designed to promote energy efficiency and renewable power source in the private sector. In 2013, the bank financed 16 projects within the programme, for a total of TRY 16 mn (over RUB 267 mn). In addition, DenizBank granted USD 110 mn (over RUB 3.5 bn) in loans for the construction of a number of power plants based on renewable energy sources. Finally, in partnership with international financial institutions, EBRD and EIB, the bank was a loan agent in arranging financing for five major renewable energy facilities worth USD 85 mn (over RUB 2.7 bn).

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Financing alternative and renewable energy sources and the initiatives to raise energy efficiency


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