Enhancing financial literacy

Initiatives to raise financial literacy among Russian households

In 2013, with the aim of enhancing financial literacy of households, Sberbank completed 32 promotional campaigns via such communication channels as federal periodicals, radio programmes, popular web resources and social networks which enabled us to bring information about banking products to the widest possible audience.

We also implemented a number of special initiatives to improve financial literacy via both the online space and direct interaction with various groups of Russian households.

Internet platforms “Personal Finance” on rbc.ru and “Circle of Trust” on Mail.ru. These platforms are used every month to publish articles, tests and interviews on
specific financial products. Internet users are also able to ask a question, and receive a response from our experts, regarding the product they are interested in. At the end of 2013, the projects covered 6.2 mn and 3.5 mn users, respectively.

Sberbank’s communities in social networks. “Sberbank: The Bank of Friends” community aims to describe banking products in simple terms, but the format of delivering the information differs from other projects by more interactive nature: we actively use notes, infographics, video, games, and competitions. In 2013, for example, we published 24 infographic materials. Over 2.8 mn users joined Sberbank’s communities in Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki in 2013. Sberbank’s communities in social networks rank first among all banking communities in Russia in terms of the number of users.

In 2014 we plan to launch a new project “Financial Brain Ring” based on the popular TV show. The project will focus on team competitions between different social networks, for example Vkontakte users against Facebook users. It will become a new way to spread knowledge of the opportunities offered by banking products. We anticipate that 500,000 participants will take part in the game.

Game and training applications in the Internet. In 2013, we launched 27 interactive applications that were used by more than 20 mn people. Game and training applications help users understand the features of banking products and how to use them in the form of a game. The “Financial Navigator” app, for example, offers its users to pass an entertaining quest which is used to train them in making transactions in the Sberbank OnLine system.

Assisting in financial planning. Since August 2012, we have offered a free service of financial planning to certain client categories. This service is also aimed at improving financial literacy. Our experts analyse the current financial situation of the client, help him/her to select the most appropriate product, and create a financial plan. Average duration of the financial planning sessions is 40 minutes. Since its launch, over 450,000 clients have used the service, including 350,000 in 2013.

Olympiad for senior school students. In 2013, Sberbank supported the All-Russia Olympiad in Financial Markets for Senior School Students which is held every year by the Institute of Stock Market and Management in cooperation with the Russian Federal Service for Financial Markets. Sberbank is a traditional general sponsor of the event. More than 5,000 school students from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan participated in the Olympiad.

The initiatives to enhance financial literacy among small businesses are described in section Small business support.

The projects to raise financial literacy among pensioners are described in section Socially oriented products.

Raising financial literacy of households will remain a Sberbank priority in 2014. This programme will include awareness campaigns in federal mass media and Internet, and other special events designed for various age groups.

Initiatives to raise financial literacy of households in the countries of operation of subsidiary banks

Subsidiary banks implement various events and initiatives designed to enhance financial literacy in the countries of their operation. To improve the efficiency of these initiatives, the subsidiary banks use various communication channels that are often adapted for the target audience.

Table 11. Initiatives to raise financial literacy in the countries of operation of subsidiary banks




Republic of Belarus

Presentations for partner-company employees: “A Person and a Bank: How to Make the Right Choice,” and “Golden Rules of Saving.” Total number of participants exceeded 30,000 people.

Webinars devoted to individual deposits, consumer loans, safe use of payment cards, online banking. In 2013, to expand the audience covered, we developed a mobile application for iOS devices.

Regional seminars for business people in Gomel and Vitebsk highlighting key economic trends and current challenges. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Institute of Privatisation and Management (IPM) Business School.


Local publications describing interest rates, types of loans, advantages of using loan and deposit products.

Training programme for junior school children (6-9 years of age) “All You Need to Know About a Bank: From A to Z.”


Pre-school children visit to the bank with interactive presentations explaining the importance of savings.

Seminars devoted to personal finance management for retail clients.


Online training materials on “How to Manage Personal Budget” prepared in cooperation with Croatian Banking Association.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Junior school children visits to the bank devoted to the World Savings Day and explaining the idea of personal savings.

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