Contributing to the development of countries and regions of operation

The Sberbank Group considerably affects social and economic development of the areas of operation. Every region faces its own challenges, and we consider it important to invest in developing strategic industries and support target government programmes.


In 2013, Sberbank financed a number of initiatives that had a positive effect on social and economic development in Russian regions. Among socially significant projects and initiatives financed by Sberbank were

  • upgrade and expansion of airports in the Krasnodar Territory including airports in Krasnodar, Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik;

  • renovation of energy facilities in Vladimir and Perm Regions;

  • construction of gas chemical facility in Novy Urengoy;

  • construction of the toll motorway: Western High-Speed Diameter in St. Petersburg;

  • production and sale of innovative products in Russian regions operated by a number of companies;

  • housing construction including heat, water and electricity supply infrastructure in Ekaterinburg;

  • participation in the government agriculture development programme for 2013-2020 including the construction of a large greenhouse facility in Belgorod Region and a cattle farm in Voronezh Region;

  • implementing the Presidential programme for providing households with child care facilities including the financing of construction and reconstruction of pre-school child care centres in Tambov Region.

The bank remains a key supplier of financial resources to the real sector of local economies due to cooperation with government authorities of Russian constituents. In 2013, the bank concluded over 2,700 government contracts with government authorities and municipalities of Russian constituents and granted loans for the total amount of RUB 590 bn. The highest-value contracts were made with the governments of Moscow, Novosibirsk Region, Arkhangelsk Region, Krasnodar Territory, and municipalities of Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, and Novosibirsk. At the end of 2013, Sberbank’s share of the government lending market was 73.5%.

Details of loans to industries and other lending activity of Sberbank are provided in the 2013 Management Report.

Republic of Belarus

In 2013, BPS-Sberbank provided active support for various initiatives in developing strategic industries introduced by Presidential and government decrees of the Republic of Belarus, namely:

  • BYR 359.0 bn (RUB 1.3 bn) for the development of the woodworking industry and renovation of woodworking production;

  • BYR 183.9 bn (RUB 0.7 bn) for housing construction;

  • BYR 119.1 bn (RUB 0.4 bn) for creating a comprehensive export system in the Republic of Belarus.


In 2013, Sberbank Kazakhstan provided financing for the projects included in the industrialisation map of certain Kazakhstan areas, including:

  • construction of the cement plant worth KZT 7.7 bn (RUB 1.6 bn) and the integrated home-building factory worth KZT 3.6 bn (RUB 0.8 bn) under the industrialisation programme for the Kostanay Region;

  • renovation of machine-building production worth KZT 400 mn (RUB 84 mn) and construction of cattle-breeding facility worth KZT 624 mn (RUB 131 mn) under the industrialisation programme for the Western-Kazakhstan Region.


In 2013, DenizBank carried out the function of an intermediary under the EU programme of financial assistance to pre-accession countries. In particular, DenizBank offered preferential loans for the Turkish agricultural sector. In 2013, the bank granted 76 loans totalling TRY 16.8 mn (RUB 281 mn). In addition, DenizBank was the first among Turkish banks to provide consulting support for agricultural investors willing to participate in the EU programme regarding the preparation of application, technical proposal, and business plan.


In 2013, Sberbank Europe supported economic development of the countries of operations facilitating the export of home-made products. For example, Sberbank Bosnia and Herzegovina obtained additional finance from the International Finance Corporation for lending to corporate clients involved in international trade. The bank anticipates that the total volume of loans under this programme will reach USD 20 mn (RUB 638 mn). Sberbank Serbia concluded an agreement with the Chamber of Commerce to facilitate exports of Serbian products to new markets.

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Contributing to the development of countries and regions of operation


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