Mission, development strategy and corporate social responsibility

In 2013, Sberbank adopted its Development Strategy for 2014-2018 to formulate long-term development goals for the Group. Following a review of current and prospective developments in financial and business environment, opportunities, threats, and challenges that the Group faces, we have laid down ambitious financial and quality objectives that will make it possible to strengthen our position of a leading and sustainable financial institution on international markets. This goal achievement would be impossible if we continue doing business as a matter of routine. Our mission, which we set up five years ago, defines the very sense of our existence. It explains why what we do is important, not only for ourselves, but for the entire community including our clients and society as a whole.

In this regard, the Group’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of the integral parts of our identity which connects our mission and strategy. CSR must become an important component of what we call a “mature organisation”, that is a technological, organisational, and managerial preparedness of the company to handle challenges of any scope or complexity. Our goal is to become a region-leading company in the sphere of corporate social responsibility.

Sberbank Group’s Development Strategy is based on implementing five key themes of strategic development. Although all of them arise from our commitment to reach our business targets, everyone will win in this case — every stakeholder with whom we interact in the course of implementing our goals. Managing stakeholder relationships, finding the areas that may bring positive results for all those concerned is, in fact, the primary goal of Sberbank Group’s corporate social responsibility policy.

Table 1 Contribution of the Group’s strategic development key themes for 2014-2018 in meeting stakeholder needs




Society and local communities

Shareholders and investors


With our customers for life

Using state-of-the-art, useful and profitable financial products and services to achieve personal and corporate goals and commitments

Obtaining better experience in client-bank communication, proactive approach to meeting customer needs and expectation

Availability of financial services at any place, any time, and in any efficient manner

New fee-based and non-banking products

Packaging and combining products to meet individual client needs

Product simplicity and user-friendliness

Accessibility of financial infrastructure

Enhancing financial literacy

Improving life quality

Raising long-term earnings, improving financial stability

Contributing to national economic development

Efficient budget cycle

Team and culture

Improving quality service in the process of interacting with bank employees (“All for the customer” is among the bank’s corporate values)

Developing professional, leadership and technical skills

Renovated value-focused corporate culture

Best workplace conditions and value offered to people of different generations and ambitions

Engagement in developing and improving the bank’s operations

“Quality Mark” for any employer anywhere in the world

Responsible and reliable employer in local labour markets

Securing sustainable development of the bank, irrespective of appointment/dismissal of individual managers

Technological breakthrough

Safety of banking products and transactions

Protection of personal data

Availability, simplicity and safety of remote channels

Automation of routine procedures, saving time for complex transactions/sales, improving business processes, and self-development

Efficient interaction between operational units

Creating innovative businesses in the areas of operation

Improving operating performance of banking processes

Reliability and development of financial infrastructure

Financial performance

Adequate remuneration and social package

Reducing environmental impact via improving resource efficiency

Maintaining/increasing charity and sponsorship contributions due to financial sustainability

Improving financial performance

Best equity ratios

Costs optimisation and reduction

Higher earnings

Increased tax payments

Positive impact on the national economy and soundness of the banking system

Mature organisation

Engagement in technological management and improvement via developing Sberbank Production System (SPS), crowdsourcing, and the innovative platform “Ideas Exchange”

Socially-responsible financial institution achieving its business goals, focused on public interests

Transparency and efficiency of corporate governance

Improving the bank’s competitiveness via the synergy effect from all businesses

Certain management technologies introduced by the bank may be used in the federal government system (with support from the bank)

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