Approach to managing the Group’s corporate social responsibility

CSR management system at Sberbank Group

Sberbank is moving fast to become one of the largest financial institutions in the world. We continue building a diversified international group that unites banks in Turkey, three CIS member states, nine countries of Central and Eastern Europe, representations in Germany and China, and a branch in India, as well as businesses in various segments of the Russian market.

Now the Group is developing integration processes aimed at introducing a common approach to management. They include the issues closely related to corporate social responsibility: HR management, charity and sponsorship activity, compliance risk management, anti-corruption effort, and decreasing environmental impact.

In 2012, the bank adopted the CSR Policy that defines goals and priorities, and regulates CSR management. The policy also defines general principles and requirements for managing various CSR aspects by subsidiary banks and affiliated companies, while the latter will set their own priorities and implement CSR projects. The principles for managing various CSR aspects will be fixed in internal regulations of the subsidiary banks and affiliated companies.

Table 2. CSR management systems at Sberbank Group (availability of internal regulations)


Business ethics and human rights

Human resources management

Sponsorship and charity

Compliance and corruption control

Reduction of environmental impact


Subsidiary banks


Sberbank Europe


Sberbank Kazakhstan

Sberbank Ukraine

Cetelem Bank

Affiliated companies

Sberbank Technologies

Sberbank Leasing

Sberbank Private Pension Fund


Sberbank Insurance

KORUS Consulting


Corporate University

Business Environment

✓ This means that management systems are well developed in this field.

Most subsidiary banks and affiliated companies have well developed HR management systems and regulated processes in the fields related to business ethics and the observance of human rights. Sberbank is committed to continuously improve management practices of Group members in other fields too. In 2014, for example, many subsidiary banks and affiliated companies of the Group plan to introduce anti-corruption policies. In addition, compliance risk policy and management process will become a mandatory requirement for all members of Sberbank Group.

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Approach to managing the Group’s corporate social responsibility


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