Report Boundary

Unless indicated otherwise, the information and performance results, included in the Report, refer to

  • OJSC Sberbank of Russia in Russia including the Central Head Office and regional banks;

  • Subsidiary banks in Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia;

  • Affiliated companies in Russia.

The decision whether to include a subsidiary bank or an affiliated company in the Report was based on the level of Sberbank’s control (over 50% interest in the company) and materiality of the company’s impact (staff number over 60 employees).

Table 17. Subsidiary banks and affiliated companies:


Corporate name

Name used in Report

Subsidiary banks



Sberbank Europe A.G.

Sberbank Europe

OJSC BPS-Sberbank (Republic of Belarus)


SB JSC Sberbank (Kazakhstan)

Sberbank Kazakhstan


Sberbank Ukraine

Cetelem Bank LLC

Cetelem Bank

Affiliated companies

CJSC Sberbank Technologies

Sberbank Technologies

CJSC Sberbank Leasing

Sberbank Leasing

Sberbank Private Pension Fund

Sberbank Private Pension Fund

Yandex.Money, NBCO LLC


IC Sberbank Insurance Ltd.

Sberbank Insurance

KORUS Consulting CIS LLC (90%)

KORUS Consulting

CJSC Sberbank-AST


ANO Sberbank’s Corporate University

Corporate University

CJSC Business Environment

Business Environment

The information disclosed in the Report covers the year of 2013, ending on December 31, 2013. Nevertheless in order to depict the dynamics of certain key processes, in a number of sections data for previous periods is provided.

The Management Report contains consolidated financial results for the Sberbank Group, prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards. The Management Report also includes the information about Sberbank Group’s market position, risk management approach, key corporate governance information, description of brands, products and services, operating results, improvements in the procurement system, and other information commonly disclosed in non-financial reports.

For calculation of direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases from the consumption of heat and electricity, as well as greenhouse gas emissions, from using fuel when transporting, were used IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories and the RF National Report on cadastre of man-made emission from sources and absorption by greenhouse gas sinks outside the scope of Montreal Protocol for 1990-2010.

Information and expert opinions set forth in the Report, are relevant solely on the Report submission date and may change without prior notice. Neither the Report nor any part therein contains and should not be interpreted as an offer or incentive to make a purchase or issuance or as an attempt to make a bid, a tender, underwriting or other acquisition, or as a recommendation to such acquisition of any shares or equity securities issued by the Bank or any Bank subdivision; also neither the Report nor any part therein, as well as the fact of its submission or distribution should be interpreted as the basis, direct or indirect, for concluding any contractual relations, undertaking any obligations or taking investment decisions.

The Information from the Report may contain forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements include all statements that are not historic facts, statements concerning Bank intentions, opinions or current expectation relating among other things to the Bank operational indicators, its financial status, liquidity, perspectives, growth, strategies and the sector where the Bank operates. By their nature, forward-looking statements involve risk and uncertainty as they involve events which may not take place in the future and depend on circumstances that may not occur in the future.

Hereby, the Bank warns that forward-looking statements are not guarantees of achievement of the specified indicators in the future; the actual operational indicators, indicators of the financial status, liquidity and development of the sector where the Bank operates, may vary considerably from those specified and offered in forward-looking statements contained in the Report. Besides, even if the Bank operational indicators, its financial status, liquidity position and development indicators for the sector where the Bank operates, do correspond to the forward-looking statements contained either in this presentation or in oral statements, such indicators may not serve as a guideline for indicators, nor events of future periods.

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