IT development

New IT development strategy

One of the most important IT events in 2013 was the development and approval of Sberbank Technological Development Strategy to 2018. The new Strategy provides that the mission of the IT Department is to support Sberbank as an effective and reliable provider of traditional banking services and a leader in introducing innovative products. The Strategy lays down the following basic principles:

  • Industrial approach to IT service production
  • Maximum simplification of IT landscape
  • Maximum concentration of financial and human resources to address priority objectives of the bank
  • Attracting, retaining and developing key IT professionals — the main source of technological competitive advantages of the bank.

Infrastructure development

In 2013, the bank continued modernisation and development of client-friendly automated systems, industria­lisation of business processes, development of remote service channels and expanding the range of services.

In particular, we developed a programme for centralisation of the bank’s IT systems, which aims to optimise the cost of ownership of the bank’s IT landscape and increase the speed of introduction of new services:

  • The Moscow regional bank introduced the target system for servicing retail loans
  • Severo-Vostochny regional bank completed the replacement of outdated retail service platform
  • Volgo-Vyatsky regional bank replaced its non-standard platform with target IT systems for retail and corporate services.

The bank opened a special programme aimed at ensuring the required level of reliability of all key automated systems in the conditions of dynamic business development and transaction growth. The programme involves re-engineering of the IT system architecture, which allows us to considerably increase systems’ scalability.

The programme for standardisation and integration of subsidiaries’ IT infrastructure defines unified target IT architecture standards for Sberbank Europe.

As a part of a system aimed at increasing of IT investments’ efficiency, negotiations with key suppliers of IT solutions were held in order to reduce the cost of equipment and shift to direct equipment supplies to the bank. Total savings from these measures carried out in 4Q 2013 exceeded RUB 5 bn.

Client service development

In 2013, Sberbank began accepting Visa payWave bankcards, allowing customers to pay for purchases in seconds: holders of Visa payWave bankcard only need to bring the card to the terminal equipped with contactless payment technology.

Together with the VSK Insurance House, SCCP and Visa, the bank launched a pilot mobile POS acquiring project. VSK insurance agents in Moscow and the Moscow Region were authorised to accept bankcard payments via smartphone or tablet.

A Sberbank OnLine mobile application was released for Windows Phone operating system. Thus, the Sberbank OnLine application became available on three leading mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The list of online stores that support payments via Internet Bank in real-time mode was expanded.

SMS-based payments for Aeroexpress tickets in Moscow were implemented.

A new technology that allows clients to make money transfers without opening an account (“Colibri”, formerly “Blitz-transfer”) made it possible to reduce the maximum delivery time from one hour to 10 minutes.

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