Retail deposits

Retail deposits remain the main source for the bank’s funding base4. In 2013, they rose by 20.6% to exceed RUB 8 trillion, with the fastest growth in time deposits, card account balances, and funds attracted in savings certificates. The main growth was registered for deposits opened via remote channels and for deposit products targeting pensioners.

Sberbank’s share in the deposit market increased from 45.7% to 46.7%. The biggest growth occurred in November and December due to two main factors. First, at year-end part of funds flew to large banks, including Sberbank. Second, in December Sberbank experienced a seasonal growth in
demand deposits from government employees coupled with the fact that pensioners were paid pensions for the two months of December 2013 and January 2014.

Bankcards and acquiring services

In terms of issued bankcards, Sberbank has been a leader in Europe since 2008. Sberbank was the sixth top in Europe and the 24th in the world among acquiring banks.

In August 2013, Sberbank introduced new premium bankcards based on the Premier tariff plan: Visa Platinum PayWave and World MasterCard Black Edition Paypass.

Bankcards issued

Sberbank strengthened its position in the market of bankcard payment (acquiring) services, increasing its share up to 43.2%. The bank’s clients are largest airlines, retailers, trade houses, shops and other companies of the federal level. The bankcard payments processed by the bank for the year exceeded RUB 1.49 trillion — that was an all-time record for the development of client credit-verification in Sberbank.

The development of client bankcard payment self-service systems allows us to successfully promote cashless payment forms in the sphere of micro-payments, which previously used exclusively cash payments. The bank plans to further develop similar systems.

The bank continued developing the network that accepts MasterCard PayPass and Visa PayWave bankcards. Trade and service outlets were equipped with 433,000 terminals to accept such cards.

The bank successfully implemented innovative technology of mobile merchant acquiring, which allows clients to pay for goods and services by means of bankcards with a magnetic stripe, or chip cards using a mobile phone.

Average monthly turnover generated per active bankcard

Payroll projects and retirement accounts

Over the year, the number of active payroll bankcards increased by 1.9 mn to 21.1 mn cards. Payroll payments rose 28% to nearly RUB 6.3 trillion.

The number of pensioners receiving a social pension through Sberbank increased to 21.8 mn. At the same time, the proportion of pensioners receiving a pension via Sberbank to total social pensioners in the Russian Federation grew to 53.2%.

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