Sberbank Europe AG

Sberbank Europe AG, until November 2012 known as Volksbank International, became part of Sberbank Group in February 2012. It owns 9 banks in Central and Eastern Europe: in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ukraine. In May 2013, the Group obtained a full banking license for providing banking services in Austria. As of January 1, 2014, Sberbank Europe Group had a branch network of 277 offices, and served 541,000 companies and households. Fitch Ratings assigned the BBB- credit rating to the bank.

To ensure dynamic integration of Sberbank Europe in Sberbank Group, the bank introduces the target liquidity management model, monitors and handles troubled assets, develops a new credit process for corporate clients according to Sberbank standards. The bank set up underwriting centres in the Czech Republic and Serbia. Integrated risk management were introduced. All system elements were revised: risk appetite, all risk policies, collection of overdue debts, etc. The team of top-managers both at the Group level and in local banks is being strengthened. An advanced professional training programme is implemented.

In terms of corporate business development, the Sberbank Europe Group focused on establishing relations and expanding business with subsidiaries and joint ventures of the largest Russian holdings, as well as with leading companies in the countries of operation. A number of loan transactions with major corporate clients in Serbia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Croatia were carried out. A special attention is paid to developing the products, which are most popular among corporate clients. For example the bank actively develops trade finance services involving export agencies in the countries of operation, and syndicated loans.

In retail banking, new loans yields and fee rates were increased to the market level. In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Credit Factories were introduced, retail products and brand promotional campaigns were held.

In the field of information technology, the subsidiary bank continues to implement projects aimed at deve­loping and adopting architectural standards of Sberbank Europe subsidiaries and implementing a new IT platform. In late 2013, the Sberbank Europe Group received official permission from national central banks and data protection agencies in all countries of operation to place server equipment outside the EU. Thus, Sberbank will be the first bank in Europe serving European households via Sberbank Mega Data Centre located in the Russian Federation.

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