Corporate business

Large and medium-sized businesses

Lending to large and medium-sized businesses also developed successfully. During the year, the bank managed to increase the loan book of this client category by a quarter, to RUB 3.2 trillion.

This result was possible due to the fact that the bank had optimised its internal processes to reduce con-sideration of loan applications and continued to improve and expand the range of products for medium-sized and large businesses.

The bank optimised the terms of a number of products, including tender loans and various guarantees, standardised lending terms for various industrial companies, including leasing companies and retailers. Special products for agro-industrial companies were also developed.

Small and micro businesses

The bank pays special attention to cooperation with small and micro businesses. As a result of active work in this area, the loan book in this segment grew by 31% and reached the amount of RUB 600 bn. Sberbank provides funding to 231,500 small and micro businesses; over the year their number increased by more than a quarter.

During the year, Sberbank continued to implement and develop small business lending technologies. For example, the Sberbank “Credit Factory” product range was boosted by new special programmes for micro businesses. Sberbank extended the use of the Express-Asset product to equipment procurement; Express-Mortgage — a product that is designed to stimulate micro business investment activities and to solve the problem of lack of free funds — was launched in a pilot mode.

In 2013, the “Business” product line designed for companies with stable operating business, was further developed. Over the year, this loan book grew by 50% to about RUB 380 bn.

Business-Start, a product allowing start-ups to receive funding to start a business using a franchise or a typical business plan, developed successfully, too. As of January 1, 2014, more than 26,000 people expressed interest in this project and 456 loans worth RUB 725 mn had been provided. From June, this segment started two businesses daily. During the project, more than 90 franchisors joined the programme, and their number is constantly growing. The bank offers 18 sample business plans developed by its partners.

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