Corporate and investment business

Loans to largest clients

More than half of Sberbank’s corporate loan book falls on accounts of the largest borrowers. On January 1, 2014, the receivables of this client category amounted to RUB 4.6 trillion. Over the year, the number of borrowers increased to 920. In 2013, new transactions exceeded RUB 2.9 trillion.

Trade finance business

One of the successful businesses developed by the bank has been trade finance. Over the last four years, the bank’s trade finance portfolio grew six-fold to USD 14 bn. Currently, Sberbank offers a full line of trade finance products and documentary business, based on the best international standards.

Thanks to international network development, Sberbank is actively involved in intra-group transactions involving foreign subsidiary banks in the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe, and Turkey. In 2013, a new line of products: Commodity Trade Finance and Supply Chain Finance, covering the financing of export flows from the Russian Federation, including financing trade transactions after the goods cross the border, was launched.

According to Global Trade Review, Sberbank was the only Russian bank to be on the list of world’s best banks in trade finance area. Furthermore, for the second consecutive year, the bank was recognised as the best in trade finance business in CIS countries.

Investment banking business

Sberbank CIB maintained a strong position in the external debt market of the CIS countries. In 2013, 27 transactions were carried out and Eurobonds of 22 issuers from Russia and Ukraine were placed for the total nominal value of USD 15.7 bn.

Leadership in innovative transactions and products in the debt and equity markets in Russia and CIS conti­nued. Sberbank CIB won 10 industry awards in these segments as well as in the area of mergers and acquisitions.

At year-end, Sberbank CIB became the absolute leader of Investment Research market. It attracted 238 new customers to Global Markets; 34 absolutely new products were introduced and new product geographical sectors — Central and Eastern Europe — were developed.

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Corporate and investment business


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