The bank has the Collegium, a permanent collegial working body, comprising members of the Executive Board and heads of regional and subsidiary banks. The Collegium is a platform for discussing strategic development issues and developing optimal solutions that take account of specific regional features of the bank’s activity.

In 2013, the Collegium discussed and decided on such key issues as the 2014 target-setting system for the bank’s management, the concept and technology for developing and implementing medium-term strategies in Russian regions that take account of local market factors, and other issues.

Audit Commission

The annual General Shareholders’ Meeting elects the Statutory Audit Commission, which comprises 7 members, to supervise the bank’s business. The Statutory Audit Commission oversees the bank’s compliance with legal and other acts governing the bank’s activity, the exercise of internal control and the legitimacy of the bank’s operations. The Statutory Audit Commission assesses the accuracy of information included in the bank’s annual reports and presented in its financial statements.

Members of the Statutory Audit Commission of OJSC Sberbank of Russia, elected on May 31, 2013:


Natalia Borodina

Head of Audit Department, Moscow Region, Internal Audit Department, Central Bank of Russia

Vladimir Volkov

Deputy Director of the Accounting and Reporting Department, Head of the Division for Methodology, Implementation of Accounting Standards, Development and Updating of the Methodological Framework for Financial Reporting under International Standards, Central Bank of Russia

Olga Polyakova

Director of the Internal Audit Department, Central Bank of Russia

Maxim Dolzhnikov

Deputy Director of the Internal Control, Revisions and Audit Department, Sberbank8

Yulia Isakhanova

Head of the Financial Control Division, Finance Department, Sberbank

Alexey Minenko

Deputy Chief Accountant, Deputy Director of the Accounting Department, Sberbank

Natalia Revina

Director of Risk Methodology and Control Department, Sberbank

Committee for Minority Shareholder Engagement8

Sberbank’s Committee for Minority Shareholder Engagement, chaired by Anton Danilov-Danilyan, continues interacting with minority shareholders. In 2013, the Committee held 5 meetings in Moscow and 2 on-site sessions at Vostochno-Sibirsky bank and Severo-Kavkazsky bank. The meetings in Moscow were attended by the Supervisory Board’s independent directors, advisers who reported on the evaluation of the Supervisory Board activity, the head of Sberbank Private Pension Fund who described the Fund’s performance, and a Sberbank executive who told the meeting about the Wealth Management prospects.

Committee for Minority Shareholder Engagement members as of December 31, 2013:



Anton Danilov-Danilyan

Sberbank minority shareholder


M. Lyubomudrov

Sberbank minority shareholder

A. Navalny

Sberbank minority shareholder

M. Nedelsky

Sberbank minority shareholder,
Director General, CJSC Status

I. Repin

Sberbank minority shareholder

D. Udalov

Sberbank minority shareholder

D. Shabanov

Sberbank minority shareholder

A. Belyanina

Managing Director,
Investor Relations, Sberbank

Committee Secretary

A. Ryabenkova

Senior Investor Relations Officer

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