The bank’s Primary Brands


  • Association of Russian Banks (ARB)

  • Russian National SWIFT Association, ROSSWIFT

  • Association of MasterCard Members (non-profit organisation), AMM (on 13.05.2013 the name was changed from the Association of Russian EUROPAY Members)

  • Association of Bill Market Participants (ABMP)

  • U.S.-Russian Business Council (USRBC)

  • Non-profit association of legal entities Russian-American Business Cooperation Council (RABCC)

  • Non-profit partnership Russian-Chinese Business Council (NP RCBC)

  • World Economic Forum (WEF)

  • International Monetary Conference (IMC)

  • International Banking Security Association (IBSA)

  • International Capital Market Association (ICMA)

  • National Foreign Exchange Association (NFEA)

  • National Association of Securities Market Participants

  • National Securities Market Association (NSMA)

  • Non-commercial Partnership National Payments Council

  • Sberbank Europe


  • Vienna Economic Forum

  • Austrian-Russian Society

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Global Agreement Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Banking Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Czech Republic

  • Association of Czech Banks

  • Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Brno

  • Czech Institute of Internal Auditors

  • Russian-Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Association of Small and Medium Businesses

  • Chamber for Commercial Relations with CIS States, special chamber of commerce

  • Czech-German Foreign Trade Chamber

  • French-Czech Chamber of Commerce

  • Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce

  • Russian Chamber of Commerce

  • Capital Market Association

  • Slovakia

  • Bratislava Stock Exchange

  • Association of Slovakian Banks

  • Slovakian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Association of Security Dealers

  • Association of Financial Servants

  • Slovak-Austrian Chamber of Commerce

  • American Chamber of Commerce

  • Slovak-French Chamber of Commerce

  • Slovak-Spanish Chamber of Commerce

  • The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Slovak Republic

  • Slovak-German Chamber of Commerce

  • Croatia

  • Association of Croatian Banks

  • Croatian Chamber of Economy

  • Croatian Employers Association

  • Croatian Financial Market Association

  • BPS-Sberbank

  • Association of Belarusian Banks

  • Belarusian Association of Securities Market Participants

  • Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange — currency market section

  • Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange — currency, stock and forward market sections

  • Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications S.W.I.F.T. (member and shareholder)

  • Sberbank Ukraine

  • Association of Ukrainian Banks

  • Cetelem Bank

  • French Club Association — French-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFR). Honorary member from 01.06.2012 to 31.05.2013

  • Sberbank Technologies

  • Resident of Skolkovo Innovation Centre, Russia

  • Resident of High Technologies Park, Republic of Belarus

  • Sberbank Leasing

  • United Leasing Association (ULA)

  • European Federation of Leasing Company Associations

  • Sberbank Private Pension Fund

  • Board of NP National Association of Non-state Pension Funds (NAPF)

  • Task team for improving the regulation of pension provision and pension insurance activities

  • Expert Council for Collective Investments under the Bank of Russia’s Financial Markets Service

  • RSPP Committee for developing the pension system and social insurance

  • Inter-departmental task team under a Russian Ministry for improving Russian legislation in the field of the regulation of private pension fund activity

  • Decision Board

  • Yandex.Money

  • Electronic Money Association (EMA)

  • Sberbank Insurance

  • Life Insurers Association

  • Russian Insurers Union

  • Korus Consulting

  • Non-profit partnership Effective Response to Customer Requests

  • Member of the UNISCAN/GS1 RUS Association of Automatic Identification

  • St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Corporate University

  • European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)

  • Corporate University Xchange (CorpU)

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The bank’s Primary Brands


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